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“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”

– Jim rohn

I need you to know that…

I am not your typical health and wellness brand.

I am here to help you break free from unhealthy eating habits and sift through the changing trends in wellness. This will help you to achieve your wellness goals.

I am a plant-based advocate who wants you to enjoy eating and living. I want to help you find a healthy diet and lifestyle that works best for you!

I aim to provide you affordable rates, because wellness is for everyone.

I am always rooting for you to be your best self!

Moda Mentoring

I am currently offering four wellness programs for my clients: Conscious Eating, Cycle Support, Holistic Lifestyle and Weight Management. Each program includes one-on-one mentoring sessions and has a strategic balance of nutrition counseling, fitness guidance, lifestyle planning, accountability and encouragement.

Moda Community

My subscription-based membership was created to fit every budget. My members will unlock access to my personal plant-based recipes, holistic wellness workbooks, special discounts, exclusive services and weekly encouragement.

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Moda Wellness

Serving clients across the country with 100% virtual services.

Operated by Moniqué Danaê, HNC in North Carolina, USA.

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