Dr. Moniqué

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist

I am The Strategique Gyal. A southern girl with caribbean roots, on assignment to empower you, through wellness, to experience an abundant life.

My fascination with nutrition, exercise and health, began in childhood as I navigated constant health challenges. As a result, I developed a complicated relationship with food, and experienced quite the roller coaster of a wellness journey. If you want to learn more about my story, just watch the video below.

Moda Wellness, by The Strategique Gyal, provides holistic wellness education and strategique wellness mentoring for adolescents and adults. The heart of Moda Wellness is to see more people eating well, moving well, and living well. I am a firm believer that you can significantly improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being without abandoning your culture or draining your bank account.

My strategique wellness transformation process is designed to establish meaningful wellness goals, reveal the critical challenges that have been hindering you, and implement the practices essential to your success.

Getting started is simple, just book your free initial consultation today.

Initial Consultation: FREE

Session Fee: $65 per session

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