Dr. Moniqué

Holistic Wellness Educator, Mentor, & Strategist

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist

Read below to learn more about who I am and the wellness journey that brought me here.

Hello, Hey Ya’ll, and Wha Gwan!

North Carolina raised me; so I’m definitely a southern girl. I also grew up very connected to my Jamaican heritage, so I consider myself a Caribbean gyal. My current diet is 90% plant-based. I choose to thoroughly enjoy my plate of mac n’ cheese, collard greens, oxtail, rice & peas, rum cake and sweet potato pie on the holidays. No shame here, I just don’t eat like that every day. That being said, I reject the notion that healthy eating is synonymous with abandoning your cultural foods, leaving you to eat salad and drink water at family functions. There is a balance that will work for you, we just have to identify it!

Honestly, I’ve been on a roller coaster of a wellness journey throughout my entire life. As a child, I faced health challenges that were either caused or exacerbated by the Standard American Diet…(SAD). So, in elementary school, I began learning how to eat healthy and enjoy it. I learned to track my food and find balance between the things that my body needed and the things that I craved. My nutritionist helped me to understand that I didn’t need some fad diet or ridiculously intense fitness program to live a healthy lifestyle. I just needed to be educated on what was healthy for me, and be empowered to develop the habits that would transform my life. Sound like anyone you know?

Since then, I’ve had good moments and bad moments. I’ve been super active and super lazy. I’ve stuck to my grocery and food budget, and I’ve also overspent. I was an emotional eater for most of my life and I have learned to overcome my cravings. WELLNESS IS MY PASSION, but I am not perfect. That’s why I decided to get my Holistic Nutritionist Certification. I wanted to spend time understanding the evidence and the myths of “wellness culture”, in order to transform my life and yours.

So, if you can relate to being inconsistent, being driven by cravings, having difficulty managing your weight, or falling victim to emotional eating habits…we really should talk.

I can help you through this.

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