Monique’s Wellness Essentials

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” —William Cooper I’ve always felt that variety is necessary and that change is good. I enjoy trying new things in the kitchen and in life. However, it’s always good to know your non-negotiables. That can apply to many areas of life, but (obviously)Continue reading “Monique’s Wellness Essentials”

better digestion.

By: Monique Danae, HNC | September 19, 2020 Well friends, this is one of those topics that we’ll have to revisit a few more times. When it comes to digestive health, there is so much to be said! Poor digestive health is overwhelmingly common…if you’re reading this, you’ve probably experienced chronic bloating, chronic constipation, increasedContinue reading “better digestion.”

managing mental health.

By: Monique Danae, HNC | May 9, 2020 Over the past 2 years, I was faced with persistent anxiety and PTSD-related symptoms. Fortunately, I was already transitioning to a more holistic lifestyle. I was able to find a path back to “sanity” through a combination of prayer, therapy, anti-inflammatory diet, chamomile tea, and essential oils. Continue reading “managing mental health.”