Your Moda Wellness Journey is simple!

EVERY MODA WELLNESS CLIENT is guided through the same 3 phases:

Establish – Transform – Sustain

Below you will find more information about the 3 phases and each path currently available. Moda Wellness Paths provide a blueprint for successful transformation. However, our one-on-one sessions are naturally customized to fit your needs, preferences, and goals. Be sure to complete the NEW CLIENT APPLICATION before booking any appointments. Once reviewed, you will be contacted by YOUR Holistic Nutrition Specialist for your next steps.

**college discounts are available for all phases and paths



Welcome to Phase 1.

Our priority here is to build the foundation for a successful wellness transformation. We are going to clarify goals, identify barrier to success and plan for the journey ahead of you.


Welcome to Phase 2.

Our priorities here vary based on your wellness goals and barriers. Together, we will select the best path for your journey here. The three available Moda Wellness Paths available are: Conscious Eating, Holistic Lifestyle, and Weight Management.

The recommended duration for each path is at least 90 days.


Welcome to Phase 3.

Our priority here is to maintain all the amazing progress you’ve made. Phase 2 was just long enough to break free of ineffective habits, create supportive routines and see meaningful progress. However, at this point you are likely to benefit from continual support, guidance and accountability.

These maintenance sessions can be scheduled as frequently as you desire.


What Moda Clients Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Monique is Heaven sent! Not only passionate, but highly educated and knowledgeable in her field. She let me ask a million questions. She always validated my feelings while also giving me a new perspective! I never leave a zoom meeting the way I came. She helped me with setting goals, making personalized plans and even created a Pinterest board for me with a variety of foods that she knew I would like!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Working with Monique has been absolutely amazing! Having a Black, Woman of God in my corner looking out for my health and wellness has been life changing! When I started the process, I felt burned out and discouraged. I’ve struggled with weight for a long time and even loving myself during the process of losing weight. The zoom calls always made me feel heard and empowered! I love getting the encouraging text messages. Five Stars!


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